You are a divine co-creator of your life, but your subconscious mind still holds 3D fear-based beliefs that say otherwise.

That's why you're able to imagine great things for yourself and the people you serve, but bringing the big things into reality is sometimes a struggle.

What you need is to release those beliefs through direct healing, so that you can naturally maintain a 5D vibration and manifest in a paradigm that's free of worry and struggle.

A Radical Soul Alignment Process That Caters to Your Unique Experience

This private program takes you through all the steps to heal your subconscious blocks, transform your ego, and release your inner magician, condensing years of spiritual and business growth into just 12 months.

Christina's blended organic + systematic approach leverages her pre-defined framework of blocks that everyone needs to heal while also addressing the struggles that come up for you in your actual life as you move toward your goals.

If you're prepared for the commitments and radical results of 1:1 mentoring, schedule a Discovery Session to discuss how Divine Power Platinum can help you achieve your goals with soul-aligned ease.
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What Christina's Clients are Saying

I have had such major transformations!

JACQUELYN RODRIGUEZ, Intuitive Business Coach, Podcast Creator

"Christina helped me break through energy blocks that I would never have been able to do on my own. I’ve been able to step into my higher purpose and see my true potential! We have healed wounds that allow me to be a better coach and help my clients on a higher level - plus achieve my financial goals!!"

Christina is a genius at what she does, and I am grateful for her work.

SHEILA LEAMING, Mystery School Founder

"With Christina's help I was able to uncover a lot of desired changes and actual steps I could take to bring them into being. I am much more peaceful that I was before.

Christina really understands her gifts, she's not a novice, she's been helping people for years and knows how to let what is best for all pass through her. I appreciate her clean objective energy. I especially like her nurturing quality."

Now, I really don’t worry about money; I just set it and forget it.

KELLEY THOMAS, Intuitive Jewelry Designer

"I was surprised to see that Christina’s process didn’t make me have to pinpoint specific situations and be as vulnerable as I expected.

What our sessions did is that money is no longer the enemy...In ten months I've gotten $13,000 in raises in my full-time job (some of them unexpected) and paid off two of my three credit cards. We've been able to buy two cars, and I've been able to put thousands into savings. Meanwhile, the orders in my custom jewelry business have been steady, and I've attracted some amazing opportunities including a high-end hotel spa in Las Vegas."

I have more confidence now. I feel more equipped to ride the waves of life.

JULIANA CORONA, Blogger & certified yoga teacher

"I feel more in control of the life I am creating for myself every day because my ability to tune into universal wisdom, recognize signs from the universe, and interpret what they mean for my direction is delightfully serendipitous.

I am less hesitant to take up space. I feel less guilty about blazing my own trail and I have pretty unwavering faith, even when the path gets harder to pave."

Hi, I'm Christina Ammerman...

...and I'm helping humanity evolve by directly healing the subconscious patterns that keep us tied to Ego and fear-based consciousness. I help people feel worthy, loved, peaceful, and powerful.

The vision you have for yourself, personally and professionally, is also your path for achieving higher consciousness - - meaning, you don't have to choose between your spiritual journey and your professional journey because they are the same thing!

I'm here to help you clear the psychospiritual that create obstacles along your path.
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