MAGICK is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.

~ Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice

This is for you if...

  • You want a life where you feel both in control and in the flow

  • You've studied teachings on how to use Universal Truths to create the life you desire (a.k.a., magick, manifesting, alchemy, fulfilling your purpose), but you haven't made them work consistently

  • You can tell that it's mostly yourself who gets in your way, but you haven't found how to fix that

The way manifesting and alignment are taught can make you feel worthless

That's because the most popular modern teachings focus far more on the masculine (thoughts, information, and spirit) than the feminine (feelings, action, and embodiment), rather than both in balance.

You might feel like there must be something wrong with you because you haven't gotten it working in your life yet. Do you feel in some ways like you were happier before you knew this stuff? If so, you're not alone.

The problem isn't you. The problem is that the teachings you've been given have been incomplete.

this is where I can help you

I went through similar feelings of failure and worthlessness until I found the right path.

I consciously started my spiritual journey back in 2002 when I first learned about meditation and chakras at a retreat. In the 20+ years since, I've been singularly focused on mastering what it takes to live a life that's both spiritually guided and practically successful.

Not having a defined path to follow at first, I meandered through whatever metaphysical topics piqued my interest. I enjoyed it all, but in my secret thoughts I worried about how much money I was spending and how slowly I was progressing.

The two things that changed EVERYTHING for me were:

  1. joining a mystery school based in the Thelema tradition, which offers a proven, defined path to mastering one's ego and living in accordance with one's Will with a capital W (a.k.a., purpose or Divine Guidance)
  2. healing my Core Wounds, which moved me into the express lane of mastering my ego.

That combination has led me to become one of the best in my profession at creating real results for my clients, along with becoming a truly peaceful, happy human being.

A Proven System for Success

Divinely Aligned mystery school offers you exactly what has worked for me.

It combines the clearly defined path of the Thelema tradition with my techniques for deep, direct healing of limiting beliefs and subconscious emotional patterns.

I was drawn to the Thelema tradition because of its roots in ancient Egyptian mystery schools, as if my soul remembers the lifetimes I spent there. (Perhaps yours does too, but that's not a requirement.)

I also appreciated how the degrees follow the Kabbalah Tree of Life, initiating students into each level so they can intentionally master life themes one-by-one instead of blindly hitting up against them.

Combining the Thelema tradition with my own techniques for deep healing is how I've gone from self-sabotaging to self-disciplined, working easily with my inner guidance. Through this transformation, I've created countless personal and professional results.

Now in Fall 2023, I've launched this mystery school which will bring you the same combination of teaching + healing and help you create the same results.

You don't have to be afraid of self-discipline

This piece is missing from most modern mystery teachings

It's not enough to have all the right spiritual information. You need the right self-discipline to apply it in your life.

Self-discipline helps you fulfill your desires.

Self-discipline is about choosing which inner voice you listen to: your Will or your ego (your hidden fears and assumptions).  

It doesn't matter how much spiritual knowledge you've absorbed if you can't get yourself to apply it to your practical life.

Applying self-discipline for this purpose means getting better at mundane activities like managing your time and money as much as being disciplined in your spiritual practices. Divinely Aligned gives you both in a way that's loving, not punishing.

If you feel like you've failed repeatedly at self-discipline, it's largely because you've been pressured to align with someone else's will for you, rather than your own True Will.

In truth, your ego LOVES discipline and will be much more cooperative when you align with what YOU want. 

The most common question: "What's the time commitment?"

My intention is to gently introduce a sense of structure for people who feel like their lives are all over the place, but without creating another burden on your time.

Here's what you need time for:

  • When you first join, 1 hour for initiation and other on-boarding tasks

  • Your new spiritual practice (3 x 20 minutes per week)

  • One hour-long monthly group healing session (live or via recording)

  • One monthly group Q&A call (live or send in questions)

  • Weekly lessons, ~15 minutes each (you can make a weekly habit of watching them or binge a bunch at a time)

  • A private online group to use as much or as little as you want

Here are Changes You Can Expect

  • During the first 3 months, the more that you utilize the resources in Divinely Aligned, the more often you'll feel confident, calm, and forgiving of yourself, which are keys to being more spiritually connected and productive

  • The end of month 3 is the first milestone. Month 3 of any big change is when your ego will make you consider quitting, creating very important-sounding reasons in your mind, as it realizes you're actually serious about the changes you've been making.

  • As soon as you firmly choose to stay for month 4, your ego will yield and you'll experience real outward change in your personal actions and external circumstances.

  • You'll need 6 to 10 months at this introductory level before moving on to the next degree.

  • In higher degrees of the mystery school, you can dive deeper into more rituals, more spiritual knowledge, and more mastering your ego according to a specific path of the Thelema tradition, plus my support for healing your Core Wounds if you haven't done so already.

  • Each degree offers you a new checkpoint for deciding whether to continue and another initiation into the next level.

Terms & conditions highlights: The one-time payment covers the introductory degree of the school, which is 6-10 months long. Each higher degree requires a separate fee. Once a payment has been processed, it will not be refunded for any reason; depending on the circumstances it might, at Christina's discretion, be transferrable to another program. Refer to the Terms & Conditions upon creating your Thinkific account during checkout (or the T&C you accepted previously if you're enrolled in another of Christina's programs) for other terms and conditions.

A final personal note

I hope you'll decide to join Divinely Aligned. It would be my joy and honor to help you transform your life into one that you can confidently say is fulfilling your purpose to others and your needs for yourself.

Your success and happiness mean a lot to me. I can't do the work for you, but I'll right there to celebrate each step you take and give you supportive nudges along the way.

I've lived the struggle to implement the divine principles that I knew were true; what I'm offering you here is what has worked for me - nothing more, nothing less.

Let's end your struggle and create sustained ease and joy in your life.

Much Love,