You Know What Your Core Wound Is - So Now What?

If you've taken the Core Wound Quiz and learned what your Core Wound is, then what can you do with the information you've just received?

The WORST answer is, use it as one more reason to guilt and shame yourself. ("There I go again, being unlovable/unworthy.")

The BEST answer is, take the next step to understand this wound AND definitively determine whether you're ready to heal it.

(And if you're NOT ready, learn how you can support yourself in getting ready.)

All of that is what you'll receive in this course, "Getting to Know Your Core Wound."

Course contents

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    • Lesson 1: What is a Core Wound?

    • Lesson 2: When & How You Received Your Core Wound

    • Lesson 3: How Your Core Wound Formed Your Ego

    • Lesson 4: Other Patterns Caused by Your Core Wound

    • Lesson 5: What It Takes & How to Be Ready to Heal Your Core Wound

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The Core Wound Healer

Christina Ammerman

Christina Ammerman is a Master Spiritual Healer, a Divine Truth-teller, and a peacemaker. Her soul purpose is to offer Divine Love, healing, and guidance to anyone who seeks alignment with their Divine Self.

Her “why” is Peace - World Peace as the result of more and more people finding Inner Peace. Her own experience with childhood abuse and its effects on her adult life is an ongoing catalyst for her to explore peace in all its forms.

Christina is an avid student of Abraham (Esther Hicks) and A Course in Miracles. She consciously strives for unconditional acceptance of everyone including herself, believing in the inherent right of every person to choose how they identify and express themselves.

You are always welcome to reach out to Christina via email for any relevant (non-spam) conversations.