Shannon V.

“After receiving my Intuitive Health Assessment, I gained total faith in Christina’s powerful intuitive ability. She revealed in detail things about my life’s purpose, generational trauma, childhood conditioning and physical health and nutrition - no other healer I’ve seen has given me so much information so quickly, concisely, and comprehensively. This woman is the real deal!

This assessment gave me a better understanding of what I’m going through in my physical and spiritual health, and most importantly, the most hope, peace of mind, and empowerment I’ve ever felt on my healing journey.”

Who is the Intuitive Health Assessment for?

This is for you if:

  • You recognize the wisdom of always working at the root cause to solve a problem
  • You recognize that you have an inner being that's always trying to guide you
  • You are already working on your own part to change your thoughts and heal your body


This Assessment can provide answers where conventional medicine can't. Here are some examples:

  • Autoimmune and systemic conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and Lupus

  • Chronic infections such as Candida albicans and herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2)

  • Psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia

  • Mindset blocks that affect your self-image, relationships, work, etc.

  • Hormonal imbalances and their side effects (e.g., uterine fibroids, PCOS)

  • Non-terminal cancers

Your Intuitive Health Assessment can cover as many physical and psychological conditions as you want to address. Don't leave anything out!

"I've already tried so many things that didn't work. What makes this different?"

Just about every client I've helped had that same question when they met me, whether they expressed it out loud or not.

Let's just call it out:  You've already made significant investments of time, money, and hope trying to heal yourself - investing those resources with doctors and healers who sounded certain that they could help you. But in the end they didn't - or you wouldn't be reading this now.

Being cautious at this point is completely appropriate.

Here's what makes this Intuitive Health Assessment, as well as any healing work you do with me, different (and better) than anything else you've tried:

  • We look at ALL levels of your being. Most practitioners look at JUST physical or emotional or energetic causes, because that's all they know. My assessment  AND my healing work incorporate all levels of your being at once.
  • I recognize that your body already knows how to heal itself. This Assessment draws directly from your body's wisdom, rather than relying only on theories and what worked for other people.
  • I remove all personal bias from the process. I directly ask your body's wisdom whether I'm the right healer for you, whether now is the time, and whether you'll get 100% of the results you're looking for. If the answer is No, I'll gladly help you figure out who is right, and you'll still walk away with a precise blueprint of the root causes you need to heal.

How It Works

There are 3 simple steps to your Intuitive Health Assessment:

  • Step 1: Specify your intentions

    When you sign up for the Intuitive Health Assessment, you'll complete a questionnaire about all physical, emotional, and/or mental challenges you want to have assessed.

  • Step 2: Perform the assessment

    I'll review the questionnaire, then perform the assessment through remote intuitive connection to your energy field. I'll reach out to you if any questions come up.

  • Step 3: Deliver the results

    Within two business days, I'll send you the 18-page written assessment, plus a link for you to schedule a Zoom call for us to review the results and discuss next steps

The Core Wound Healer Christina Ammerman

Christina Ammerman is a masterful spiritual healer who has perfected a method for permanently healing the Core Wounds, connecting the dots between the subconscious mind, chakras, and our Divine nature in ways that no one else has.

Her “why” is Peace - World Peace as the result of more and more people finding Inner Peace. Her own experience with childhood abuse and its effects on her adult life is an ongoing catalyst for her to explore peace in all its forms.

Christina has been a professional healer since 2005. She's an avid student of the Teachings of Abraham (Esther Hicks) and A Course in Miracles. She consciously strives for unconditional acceptance of everyone including herself, believing in the inherent right of every person to choose how they identify and express themselves.

You are always welcome to reach out to Christina via email for any relevant (non-spam) conversations.

It's Time to Get the Answers You've Been Seeking

Sign up for your Intuitive Health Assessment and finally receive the insights you need to end your chronic health struggles.

If you are a personal assistant needing to book an Intuitive Health Assessment for someone else and/or you have an NDA for me to sign first, contact me.

If you are wondering whether the Intuitive Health Assessment is a worthwhile investment for you, you may also contact me and I'll do a quick muscle-test to confirm for you. (Because I don't want you to waste your money or either.) 

Required disclaimer: The Intuitive Health Assessment is for informational purposes only and not intended as a replacement for advice from a medical professional. The client assumes all responsibility for verifying information with their medical provider.