Imagine if you could finally know the exact root causes of your chronic health conditions, instead of continuing to chase elusive symptoms and inadequate solutions.

It would be incredibly powerful and effective - and an incredible relief, right?

Knowing the root causes is the first step to permanently heal your chronic health conditions.

I created the Intuitive Health Assessment so you can have a precise blueprint of the emotional root causes, energy blocks, and physical deficiencies that need to be addressed in order for your health issues to finally be healed for good.


This assessment is perfect for any chronic health condition that conventional medicine has been unable to heal for you. Here are some examples:

  • Autoimmune and systemic conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lupus, and Candida overgrowth

  • Psychological issues such as anxiety and depression

  • Mindset blocks that affect your self-image, relationships, work, etc.

  • Hormonal imbalances and their side effects (e.g., uterine fibroids, PCOS)

  • Non-terminal cancers

Your Intuitive Health Assessment can cover as many physical and psychological conditions as you want to address. Don't leave anything out!

"I've already tried so many things that didn't work. What makes this different?"

Just about every client I've helped had that same question when they met me, whether they expressed it out loud or not.

Let's just call it out:  You've already made significant investments of time, money, and hope trying to heal yourself - investing those resources with doctors and healers who sounded certain that they could help you. But in the end they didn't - or you wouldn't be reading this now.

Being cautious, even skeptical, at this point is completely appropriate.

But I know you're not completely skeptical, because you are here. A glimmer of hope still exists within you, so let's fan that flame of hope by answering what will make this experience different (and better) for you:

  • No other healer, physician, or psychologist on Earth has gone as deep into understanding the human mind as I have. Not even Carl Jung, who talked about Core Wounds, knew how to permanently heal them, or understood how they related to our Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies or our physical bodies. I developed most of this work myself.
  • Although I consider myself an energy healer, I look at the whole self including the physical. Unlike most energy healers I've encountered, I understand that it takes more than healing JUST the energetic bodies - you also have to address the physical body. Every single client I've helped had severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies that were identified in the Intuitive Health Assessment.
  • I won't stop asking "Is there anything else we need to know?" until I get the Inner Knowing that your assessment is complete. And if you sign on for the healing program, I won't stop asking that question until you agree that you are healed.
  • My fees are based on results, not time. If you decide to move forward with the healing, you'll pay me one fee that covers however long it takes to heal the conditions we've covered in your assessment - which is usually 13-15 sessions, but if you end up needing more sessions, you won't pay more.

The reason I offer the Intuitive Health Assessment as a separate first step is because like you, I've been burned in the past by big investments in my self-care that didn't pay off. This way, you can see proof of what I know that others didn't and listen to your own Inner Knowing before you make your full investment of time, money, and hope in our work together.

How It Works

There are 3 simple steps to your Intuitive Health Assessment:

  • Step 1: Specify your intentions

    When you sign up for the Intuitive Health Assessment, you'll complete a questionnaire about all physical, emotional, and/or mental challenges you want to have assessed.

  • Step 2: Perform the assessment

    I'll review the questionnaire, then perform the assessment through remote intuitive connection to your energy field. I'll reach out to you if any questions come up.

  • Step 3: Deliver the results

    Within two business days, I'll send you a written report of the assessment, plus a link for you to schedule a Zoom call for us to review the results and discuss next steps

It's Time to Get the Answers You've Been Seeking

Sign up for your Intuitive Health Assessment and finally receive the insights you need to end your chronic health struggles.

If you are a personal assistant or caregiver needing to book an Intuitive Health Assessment for someone else, contact me first.

Required disclaimer: The Intuitive Health Assessment is not intended as a replacement for advice from a medical professional. The client assumes all responsibility for verifying information with their medical provider.