Patterns That We'll Eliminate

Money Mojo for Women includes 4 power-packed, pre-recorded healing sessions that permanently eliminate your deepest money-related blocks, organized into four categories:

  • Session 1: Money Fundamentals - clear your deepest core blocks related to receiving, giving, asking for, and spending money

  • Session 2: Savings & Debt - eliminate blocks that keep you from saving money, have you obsessing about it, and/or not handling your debts well. Say goodbye to guilt and shame about debt!

  • Session 3: Money & the Masculine - release you from patriarchal money patterns that impact your sense of worthiness around money and force you into your masculine energy in order to make money

  • Session 4: Money & Manifesting - clear up all the inner conflict between traditional ideas about money that you grew up with vs. how to manifest it with what you now know about how the Universe works

Client Feedback

Nicole was one of the first clients to enroll in Money Mojo for Women. Within two weeks of starting the sessions, she began experiencing amazing tangible results.

March 12:

March 24:

All sales are final. This program makes no guarantee of financial results or performance. It promises to clear subconscious blocks, but the actions you need to take regarding money are up to you and beyond Christina's control.