Get My Entire Process for Transforming Your Money Mindset

Clear your deepest subconscious money blocks - completely and permanently - while you also learn mystical and practical approaches to increasing your prosperity.

Perfect if you're female-identified and have been working on your money mindset, but not yet gotten all the results you want

What Happens When You Clear Your Money Blocks?

Unlock all the prosperity consciousness and know-how already within you

Everything you need to know about working with money is either a) something you've already learned but are blocking, or b) something your inner knowing would lead you to if you were open to it.

By clearing your subconscious money blocks, attachments, and soul contracts, we eliminate the guilt and shame around money that causes blindspots in your relationship with money.

Soon you'll feel free and peaceful about money, trusting yourself to recognize the opportunities available to you, take action on them, and attract more.

What's Included in Money Mojo for Women

  • Money Mojo for Women includes 5 power-packed healing sessions that permanently eliminate your deepest Core Wound-related money blocks, plus unprecedented feminine-oriented money mindset teachings

  • Every healing session uses my proven, proprietary technique for completely and permanently clearing subconscious patterns

  • Session 1: Money Fundamentals - clear your deepest Core Wound-related blocks related to receiving, giving, asking for, and spending money

  • Session 2: Savings & Debt - eliminate blocks that keep you from saving money, have you obsessing about it, and/or not handling your debts well. Say goodbye to guilt and shame about debt!

  • Session 3: Money & the Masculine - release you from patriarchal money patterns that impact your sense of worthiness around money and force you into your masculine energy in order to make money

  • Session 4: Money & Manifesting - clear up all the inner conflict between what you've been taught about having to work hard for money vs. letting the Universe support you in manifesting it

  • Session 5: Soul-level Blocks - clear soul contracts, past-life experiences, and vows of poverty that are holding you back in this life

  • Lessons with unprecedented insights into how money manifesting works different for the feminine than it does for the masculine

  • Lessons with impactful teachings about the Law of Polarity that I apply to create daily money miracles in my life

  • Lessons on how to merge the mystical and the practical to maximize your money mojo!

Also, check this out:

My client effortlessly upleveled her divorce settlement proceedings!

Nicole had been struggling for OVER A YEAR to get any sort of child or spousal support in her divorce proceedings. That changed within 3 weeks of her starting Money Mojo for Women:

BTW, is this just for people are already making progress with money?

Not at all. Here's an email I got from a client who's doing the Money Mojo for Women sessions with her male partner. (We agreed to keep their names private.) They have 4 children and live below the poverty line in the U.S., but going through Money Mojo for Women with open minds & determined hearts is helping them make tangible changes to their money situation. After doing these sessions together, they had better conversations about their financial situation, and he felt worthy to ask for a raise at work:

Three weeks later, she sent me an update that money she needed to uplevel her circumstances by starting a business had magically appeared as a gift:

This can happen for you too, when you clear your deepest money blocks!


  • Is this really just "for women"?

    Ultimately, that's your decision to make for yourself. Everyone that I proved this work with 1:1 is cis-gendered female, including myself. I believe it will work for anyone who currently identifies as female (including at any stage of transition) or was raised that way and would have the conditioning. I can't make any claims about how anyone else will experience the program.

    All that said, if you're feeling a pull to sign up, there must be a good reason for that. And if you're not, that's OK too. I trust your inner guidance to guide you.

  • Will this heal my Core Wound?

    No. All of the blocks we clear stem from the Core Wounds of Unlovable and Unworthy, but we don't heal those wounds themselves. One of the reasons I created Money Mojo for Women was to help clients become emotionally and financially ready to heal their Core Wounds via my signature program, Fearless Freedom.

  • How is this different from other money mindset programs?

    For years before doing the personal healing that became Money Mojo for Women, I participated in other programs including a popular one [for abundance that's unlimited]. They each helped a little but not enough.

    This work is different in three significant ways:

    1. We are specifically targeting limiting blocks and attachments, not just affirming positive patterns.
    2. The patterns we clear are more precisely stated and located deeper in the mind.
    3. With the technique I developed, I learned what the subconscious mind needs to hear to PERMANENTLY release a pattern. Most techniques leave the potential for the pattern to get recreated. (I can say this because I learned so many of them in my 20 years as a healer.) When a pattern is permanently gone, its effects MUST permanently change.
  • Do you guarantee results?

    No outward results are guaranteed, because outward results often require some sort of outward action, and whether you take action in your life is not within my control.

    It is also possible that you have blocks and attachments affecting your money situation that are not about money itself. This program only covers patterns specific to money.

    I do stand behind the inner changes intended within the program, so if you're not sure the healing sessions are working for you, please reach out to me and I'll support you. And if you feel like you're running into money blocks that aren't covered by the program, let me know. I've been known to add to my programs if there are common needs I can address.

Want a Sneak Peek of the Program?

I found financial independence post-divorce only after clearing my core money blocks

Money Mojo for Women is based on my own journey with money blocks

I started my full-time healing business in 2006. I soon became a phenomenal healer that helped clients achieve astounding results, but getting divorced on New Year's Eve 2017 proved to me how much I wasn't in control of my cash flow.

I did not ask my ex for spousal support, because I believed I could quickly get on my feet and support myself. (Even with my struggles, I have never regretted that decision because it came from a deep knowing. Besides, how else could I have found and conquered these blocks for all of us?)

Instead, I hemorrhaged money, burning through my 401(k) and maxing out all my credit cards trying to support myself and grow my business.

The bleeding only stopped when the money ran out. As with most rock bottom moments, that's when I finally became ready to do what it took - to discover and eliminate the unconscious reasons for my poor decisions and repeated inaction.

Now I live in my dream city, Asheville, NC, and pay all my own bills including rent for a large but quaint cottage that is exactly the type of home I wanted to find in Asheville.

THIS is the focus of Money Mojo for Women. 

I'm not here to tantalize you with starry-eyed talk of 6- or 7-figure income, as if that's what everyone should want.


That's My why. What's yours?

Here are a few questions you can use to find your Why for doing this program:

  • What do your money stories hold you back from?

  • Where do you give away your power with money?

  • What would change if you didn't feel shame, guilt or self-blame about your money situation?

This program makes no guarantee of financial results or performance. It promises to clear subconscious blocks, but the actions you need to take regarding money are up to you and beyond Christina's control. All sales are final.